About Care Culture

Care Culture is a membership society for innovators in behavioral health, wellness, and community leadership.

Our mission is to transform America's culture of care through new models of emotional, physiological, and social practice.

Through our unique blend of deep research, online education, and in-person events and experiments, we are helping behavioral health professionals and community leaders build transformational practices and spaces.

Beyond "mental health."

We all know “mental health” is a category error term. But what do we do about it? Too many practitioners are locked into outdated and siloed models of practice.

From interprofessional and integrative clinics to new types of social wellness centers, alternative models are already here. At Care Culture working out how to integrate these models, and learning from the best to do it.

Join a true learning community.

We’re working together to learn how to integrate the best of clinical practice, social wellness, and lifestyle psychiatry. Whether you're in stages of your career or a seasoned professional looking to redefine your approach, you'll find a group of open-minded professionals who are open to learning and working together.

Here are just a few examples of things we're working on:

  • Leveraging different cultural values to enhance everyday clinical practice
  • Practicing established therapeutic modalities in community contexts
  • Learning how to build an integrative clinic from scratch
  • Working with patients and clients who are deep subcultural members
  • Building community and clientele who want to work in integrative ways
  • Trying out the latest social wellness spaces ourselves and building a deep, embodied understanding of what works

Referrals to clients who want to try something different.

Get referrals to an educated clientele who are interested in integrated mind-body work and cutting-edge practices. The best way to integrate biopsychosocial practice into your work is to find clients who already want it.

Membership connections you can learn from.

Care Culture members are spiritual innovators, experienced integrative clinicians, wellness entrepreneurs, and more. Get involved in members-only discussions, and connect with people you can learn from and build a shared practice with.

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Hi, I’m Toby Shorin. As a researcher I've been documenting subcultures for a decade. I became passionate about emotional wellness through my own experiences with trauma, mental health, and spiritual growth. I founded Care Culture to share my research with others, and work towards building new types of clinical model. I believe that it's possible to change the culture of health care provision in the US, starting with clinicians and community organizers. Read more about my background here.