Concept Clinic

Bespoke referrals to next-generation emotional + whole-body health practitioners.

Concept Clinic is a behavioral health studio and experimental test lab for cutting edge wellness practices.

My extensive research and personal exploration has led me to collaborate with a network of practitioners whose approaches transcend traditional boundaries. I intentionally seek out professionals who understand the unique cultural and personal growth challenges of our time, and are adapting their tools to meet those challenges. Each brings a unique lineage of practice and a novel approach to emotional, behavioral, and cultural well-being. I have personally worked with and vetted each practitioner's distinctive methods and impact.

Concept Clinic is a curated pathway to practitioners for those seeking innovative approaches to personal growth beyond standard coaching and therapy. We've served startup founders, experienced meditators, cultural pathfinders, and leaders of all stripes.

Regardless of field, background, or status, we help our clients expand their leadership and discover new life within their lives.

To explore working with Concept Clinic, book a personal intake call. We'll speak about your working style and values, and the challenges you're looking to work through. I'll match you with a practitioner with whom you can build a true alliance.