Social Wellness Unconference

Social Wellness Unconference

Care Culture is putting on two unconference events on social wellness this summer:

  • Healdsburg CA, June 23 (πŸ”— Registration) at Edge Esmeralda.
  • NYC, July 13 (πŸ”— Registration) in collaboration with One Fact Foundation.

The Unconference for Social Wellness is a free event aiming to foster dialogue and collaboration across behavioral health specialists, integrative clinicians, and innovative community leaders.

With this event, we're asking: how can in-person social spaces for communities and cultures foster connection and positive health outcomes? What are workable models of collaboration between formal and informal care professionals?

Social wellness themes we'll be discussing:

  • Embedding psychiatric and therapeutic care work into community settings
  • Collaboration between licensed professionals and community leaders / paraprofessionals in informal carework roles (clergy, nonprofit leaders, community organizers)
  • Implementing biopsychosocial and culturally-informed care models
  • Financial models and incentives for financing public-private partnerships for third spaces, social wellness initiatives, bathhouses, social prescribing schemes
  • Reimbursement pathways (value based care, fee-for-service, HSA/FSA, patient-funded) for alternative social care spaces
  • Loneliness / social isolation interventions related to the built environment (urban mobility, public parks and space, street life)
  • Extending social wellness to underprivileged / medicare / medicaid populations

Who's invited?

We welcome:

Behavioral Health Clinicians & Wellness Professionals: mental health clinicians, licensed therapists, licensed social workers, psychiatrists, coaches, counselors.

Innovative Community Leaders + Entrepreneurs: Community leaders and organizers, facilitators and guides, clergy, spacemakers, and local wellness entrepreneurs.

Integrative Practitioners: mind-body practitioners, retreat leaders, integration guides, and psychospiritual workers.


An unconference is a day of impromptu short-format talks, workshops, and opportunities for connection across regular professional boundaries. Unlike a normal conference, no formal talks or presentations will be given. Instead, attendees will be invited to submit suggested themes beforehand, and will have the opportunity to join discussion and workshop groups on this theme on the day.

Interest Form - Social Wellness Unconference
Join us for Care Culture’s first Unconference for Social Wellness. We will be hosting two free invite-only event aiming to foster dialogue and collaboration across behavioral health specialists, integrative clinicians, and innovative community leaders. Sunday, June 23, 10-3pm (Healdsburg, CA) an event at Edge Esmeralda Saturday, July 13th 10-3pm (New York, NY) in collaboration with One Fact Foundation

Who's putting this on?

Care Culture is a membership organization for behavioral health professionals and community leaders working towards cultural and social health interventions.

One Fact Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to transforming healthcare access and efficiency using open source technologies.

We hope you join us!